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Dental Surgery

Our Dental Surgery Department deals with treatment of such complicated diseases and pathologies as root cyst, granuloma, and root cavity abscess and neoplasm. Most in-demand operations are tooth removal and bone build-up for implant installation.


Conservative dentistry 50.00 BYN 80.00 BYN
Dental implantation (double-stage, RADIX, Mis), one tooth 450.00 BYN 600.00 BYN
Dental implantation (single-stage, RADIX, Mis), one tooth 300.00 BYN 400.00 BYN
Tooth extraction 60.00 BYN 85.00 BYN

Our dental surgeons are qualified specialists with 10+ year experience of continuous work. Along with that we grow the new generation of young specialists who will very soon fill up our ranks and will be able to masterfully carry out the whole range of surgical and tooth-preservation operations.

At the surgical reception we use equipment and materials produced by RIMSА, PENTALED, Medicair, EMED, and Falcon Surgical.

Tooth Extraction

In the cases when conservative methods of dental treatment are exhausted the only way out is to extract the tooth. Hopefully such cases are not many:

  • neglected periodontitis not permitting to conduct surgical or therapeutic treatment
  • root caries
  • broken tooth that cannot be restored using orthopedic methods
  • removal ща wisdom tooth traumatizing mucous membrane or preventing normal occlusion
  • tooth fracture due to a trauma, including teeth located at the break point in case of a jaw fracture
  • teeth interfering with the right bite

Before the operation starts the surgeon evaluated the complexity of work, analyses anatomy and structure of both the tooth and its root. If there are no contraindications for the operation, tooth extraction starts with the local anesthesia.

We use only modern anesthetics that guarantee effective painkilling irrespective of the complexity of the conducted operation.

After the extraction, even if no complications are observed with the patient, we recommend observing simple rules so as to avoid unnecessary post-operation risks:

  • within the next 2 hours avoid any eating
  • avoid rinsing tooth socket and clot elution by all means
  • avoid warming or heating the cheek in the operation area (within 2-3 days sauna and hot bath are not recommended)
  • avoid physical impact on the cheek (recommend sleeping on the opposite side)
  • avoid intensive exercising and sport for the next 2-3 days
  • avoid alcohol and smoking for the next 2-3 days

In any patient’s condition we recommend using short (10-15 minute) icepack compress to reduce the edema. Please visit the surgeon over again even if there are no causes for concern.


This is a relatively new field of dental services where our surgeons are engaged. Since you might already be familiar with the advantages of tooth implants, we will briefly describe main stages of implanting here:

  • Installation of a tooth implant (takes 0.5 – 3 hours depending on the amount and complexity of work)
  • Bone integration (implantation, takes 1 – 6 months, is faster on the lower jaw)
  • Gum shaper installation (required to form the gingival relief, takes 2 – 4 weeks)
  • Crown installation (final stage)

In some rare cases (i.e., severe atrophy of bone tissue) implantation is not possible due to the absence of the bearing surface. We, therefore, offer another dental surgery service – osteoplasty. That is bone building required to install revive the implant.

Tooth Preservation

This type of work includes surgical removal of all kinds of neoplasms in the bone and soft tissue, removal of the tooth root as well as several other methods aimed at the periodontal disease treatment.

More information on the tooth preservation operations is available from our specialists. Feel free to make an appointment at our clinic.