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Dental Orthodontics

The Orthodondics Department of our clinic deals with prevention and treatment of anomalies and defects related to the occlusion and curvature. Long time ago orthodontics used to be considered part of the children’s dentistry. Now, however, more and more a


Non-removable multi bonding system treatment (bracket system) starting from 2,000.00 BYN starting from 2,800.00 BYN

According to the statistics, more than half of the population of Belarus has pathological occlusion and about quarter of the population need orthodontists services. So as to cover the requirements of the population in such dental care our clinic has the Orthodontics Department comprising two 1st class (qualification category) orthodontists. Both are clinical residency graduates.

In our work we use medical equipment primarily manufactured by the 3M Uniter, USA.

Let us briefly enumerate technologies and capabilities that our Orthodontics Department provides.


A bracket system is essentially a structure consisting of a miniature lock which – by means of a special composition is secured to the outer or inner (lingual) tooth surface. Leveling arc is inserted into the bracket locks. The arc is used to apply pressure onto the teeth so as to dislocate them in the required direction.

Bracket systems are used in case of:

  • incorrect teething
  • diastemas and diereses (gaps between teeth)
  • the need to shift teeth, i.e. after a tooth loss

Braces can be prescribed to both children and adults. In the first case it is most likely that using a removable structure or a kappa would be sufficient. As regards teenagers and adults, we normally prescribe non-removable braces.

A variety of bracket systems is available for our patients:

  • metal (most affordable)
  • ceramic (comfortable and barely noticeable), best price-to-quality ratio
  • sapphire (almost unnoticeable due to transparent locks)
  • lingual (secured to the inner surface of the tooth and are practically unnoticeable)

In each specific case the choice is made by the patient based on the recommendation of our orthodontist and own financial opportunities.

The average brace wear time is 1.5 years. Rarely it can be increased to 2 or more years.


Retention devices are orthodontic structures used after the correction of dental occlusion or dentition and designed to prevent the return of the teeth to the initial position.

Orthodontic treatment always comprises retention period during which measures are taken to secure the achieved results and prevent rollback to the previous pathology. Normally the retention period is equal to the treatment period or exceeds it in less than 2 times.

Special removable or non-removable retainers with metal arc as well as removable polymer kappas are used as retention devices.

If a patient who is concerned about the ways his or her teeth look, is prescribed a retainer with metal arc we can offer a transparent arc structure.

Orthodontic Devices

To fix occlusion for the children below age of 16 we prescribe removable orthodontic devices – dental plates that are secured to the teeth with special hooks and level the teeth up by means of the applied pressure.

An orthodontic device is a simple and affordable solution for the correction of insignificant dentoalveolar pathologies (normally occlusion correction) with children and teenagers.