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Dental X-Ray


Digital dental X-ray 1.90 USD
OPT 3.80 USD

Based on the radiograph our specialist can make assumptions on what causes the pathology (i. e. delayed teething) and assess the results of the completed treatment, i. e. condition of the filled canal.

Teeth are photographed by intraoral method: the patient bites or presses his finger against the X-Ray plate. In case of examination of molars of the lower jaw extraoral images can be made.

X-Ray panoramic shot of the teeth and upper and lower jaw tissue is called orthopantomogram. It is made if the following has to be diagnosed:

  • dentition curvature and pathologies
  • leaks in the installed fillings
  • depth of the tooth socket
  • latent caries
  • condition of the jawbone after tooth extraction
  • condition of the periodontal tissue

The survey requires special camera. As compared to the traditional X-Ray shot of the internal organs, the radiation level of the orthopantomogram is several times lower.

Based on the carrier type we distinguish traditional film orthopantomogram and digital orthopantomogram which is saved onto a digital media.

For our patients we offer services of the dental digital and panoramic X-Ray during treatment and prosthetics. Our high-quality digital X-Ray machine allows quick shots of the required type with the lowest radiation level.

The diagnostic equipment: Planmeca ProOne orthopantomograph, Planmeca Intra dental X-Ray machine with radiovisiograph.