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Dental Therapy

Dental Therapy Department is one of the busiest in our clinic, for high quality therapy is an important step in any area of dental care. Building the backbone of the therapeutic department, our dental therapists deal with conservative dental treatment, tr


Consultation 4.50 USD
Treatment of non-complicated dental fillings 28.00 USD ... 52.00 USD
Dental hygene (removal of dental plaque using dental scaler, polishing, smoothing, tooth sealing) 2.10 USD
Preventive treatment (fissure sealing, local fluoride application), 1 tooth 18.00 USD ... 21.00 USD
Unsealing of the root canal 28.00 USD ... 36.00 USD
Tooth restoration with veneers 34.00 USD ... 42.00 USD
Dental splinting (2 to 6 teeth) 115.00 USD ... 184.00 USD
Endodontic treatment of double rooted tooth with filling 52.00 USD ... 78.00 USD
Endodontic treatment of single rooted tooth with filling 42.00 USD ... 63.00 USD
Endodontic treatment of triple rooted tooth with filling 78.00 USD ... 105.00 USD
Effective dental anesthesia 3.50 USD

Being one of the most durable tissues in the human body, tooth enamel is exposed to intensive mechanical and chemical effects every hour and every minute. We consume hot and cold drinks, chew sweet, salty and sour food. All this builds up aggressive environment in the oral cavity and may cause caries – pathological process in the hard dental tissue leading to tooth decay, cavities and such complications and inflammations as pulpitis and periodontitis.

Caries – Diagnosis and Treatment

Caries is the most widely spread disease on Earth. 93% of the planet adult population and 80% of children and teenagers suffer from it.

In its initial stage caries develops as small size chalk spots without any painfulness. Such symptoms can be easily identified at a regular visit to a dentist. Treatment of caries in the initial stage is simple and painless. It is done by reinforcing the enamel using fluorinated varnishes and solutions. Drilling machine and anesthesia are not required.

If the patient ignores symptoms of the initial stage or misses preventive visits to the dentist, caries develops into the tooth decay accompanied by painful reaction to cold, sweet or sour food. At this point the use of the familiar dental drilling machine cannot be avoided. The healed cavities are further treated with the reminerealizing glue solutions followed by the installation of dental fillings made with light-reflecting polymer composition. The filling is hardened after the exposure to the light of the photopolymer lamp, is finalized to fit the bite and polished.

If the treatment of the complicated caries is ignored, further worsening of the tooth condition occurs. Infections gets into its inner space including the pulp camera and root canals. At this stage the pulpitis is diagnosed requiring urgent surgical intervention. Otherwise the risk of emerging chronical form is unavoidable.

Pulpitis is treated by extraction the dental nerve (tooth depulping). The canals are then processed and filled, and the tooth is restored using common methods.

The most complicated task dental therapists are facing is the treatment of periodontitis. It is – so to say – the most serious and neglected stage of caries when chronic inflammation of periodontal tissue starts. Periodontitis required radical dental treatment using additional anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Otherwise there is a serious risk for the patient to get serious complications – formation of cyst or inflammation of the periosteum (periostitis). Tooth loss in such case is not the worst outcome for the patient who can obtain and suffer from such serious diseases as osteomyelitis and sinusitis.

To facilitate therapy treatment our dental clinic not only has highly qualified personnel but also state-of-the-art technical facilities. At the patient reception our therapists use materials and equipment of the leading world brands:

  • Kulzer
  • Densply
  • NSK
  • Varius
  • Kerr
  • SDR
  • NTI-Kahia
  • Maillefer
  • Spofa Dental
  • Septodont
  • Voco GmbH
  • Falcon Surgical

To prepare root canal for the filling we use X-mart endodontic micromotor.

Caries Prevention

There are pretty simple, effective and – what is most important – painless methods for the prevention of caries. Most our patients know of them, but not everyone follows them. Let us remind of these:

  • Follow the rules of everyday oral cavity care
  • Follow the rules of tooth brushing
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Rinse the mouth after meal
  • Lower sugar consumption
  • Visit dental therapist every 6 months for preventive examination

To keep your teeth in good health, visit the Dental Therapy Department of the Minsk Oblast Dental Clinic. The earlier we can diagnose caries the more effective, affordable and less painful treatment we would be able to offer.

Visit us in Minsk at Kozlova Str., 9. Further information can be obtained via the phones: 288-10-93 и 284-93-71.