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Dental Orthopedics

The Dental Orthopedics Department deals with diagnosing and treatment of dentoalveolar system dysfunctions and recovery of partially or fully lost teeth structure and functions – by means of prosthetics


Cast pressure fabrication of plastic clasp prosthesis 165.00 USD
Clasp prosthetics, per denture 137.50 USD
PFM crown / bridge prosthetics, per unit 95.00 USD
Dental implant prosthetics (orthopaedic stage), per implant 125.00 USD
Porcelain crown prosthetics, per unit 16.50 USD
Complete (removable) denture prosthetics, per denture 55.00 USD
Cast pressure denture prosthetics, per denture 137.50 USD
Fullcast crown / bridge prosthetics, per unit 37.50 USD
Pressed crown / pressed-brazed bridge prosthetics, per unit 17.50 USD

Where can one order dental prosthetics in Minsk? How to make the right choice and not to make a mistake? Many Minsk and Minsk Oblast dwellers ask these questions on a daily basis. We have a solution for your problems – solution that would allow you to keep an attractive smile even in the most difficult cases from the viewpoint of dental prosthetics.

In our orthopedics department and prosthetics laboratory we use equipment and materials by the following brands:

  • Carlo De Giorgi Srj
  • Mariotu
  • Zhermach S
  • Zhermapol
  • Maillefer
  • Shofu
  • MIS Implants Technologies
  • Renfert Gmbh

If a patient has missing teeth – whatever the reason – dentoalveolar system prosthetics shall be used to amend the situation. By the way, prosthetics shall be prescribed not only in case of one or more teeth missing, but also if only one tooth is seriously damaged. Thing is that healthy teeth work as one whole supporting and getting support from each other. Therefore, even partial decay of one of such pillar can dramatically affect the integrity of the whole dentition. Aesthetic reason goes second in the chain of reasons for prescribing dental prosthetics. The key point is to restore impaired distribution of the chewing load and prevent further consequences for the whole human body.

Now a few words about classification. A denture can be removable (plastic or plastic clasp) and non-removable (crowns and bridges). Let us briefly explain specifics of the two types.

Removable Dentures

Prosthetics with removable dentures is essentially production of fully or partially removable dental frames. In case of complete prosthetics (adentium – all teeth missing) it is an arcuate bent plate with artificial teeth installed onto it. Materials used are plastic, nylon and cast pressure.

In case of partial teeth missing (as well as in case an implant cannot be installed) plastic clasps – partially removable denture is used. If the neighboring teeth are healthy and stable enough the plastic clasp is mounted onto them and fills the gap. If the neighboring teeth move the so-called splinting prosthesis is used. From the viewpoint of aesthetics and functions clasp prosthesis outclasses plastic and is simple to use. However it cannot be used in case of prosthetics of the complete jaw.