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Dental Therapy

Consultation 4.50 USD
Treatment of non-complicated dental fillings 28.00 USD ... 52.00 USD
Dental hygene (removal of dental plaque using dental scaler, polishing, smoothing, tooth sealing) 2.10 USD
Preventive treatment (fissure sealing, local fluoride application), 1 tooth 18.00 USD ... 21.00 USD
Unsealing of the root canal 28.00 USD ... 36.00 USD
Tooth restoration with veneers 34.00 USD ... 42.00 USD
Dental splinting (2 to 6 teeth) 115.00 USD ... 184.00 USD
Endodontic treatment of double rooted tooth with filling 52.00 USD ... 78.00 USD
Endodontic treatment of single rooted tooth with filling 42.00 USD ... 63.00 USD
Endodontic treatment of triple rooted tooth with filling 78.00 USD ... 105.00 USD
Effective dental anesthesia 3.50 USD

Dental Orthopedics

Cast pressure fabrication of plastic clasp prosthesis 165.00 USD
Clasp prosthetics, per denture 137.50 USD
PFM crown / bridge prosthetics, per unit 95.00 USD
Dental implant prosthetics (orthopaedic stage), per implant 125.00 USD
Porcelain crown prosthetics, per unit 16.50 USD
Complete (removable) denture prosthetics, per denture 55.00 USD
Cast pressure denture prosthetics, per denture 137.50 USD
Fullcast crown / bridge prosthetics, per unit 37.50 USD
Pressed crown / pressed-brazed bridge prosthetics, per unit 17.50 USD

Dental Orthodontics

Non-removable multi bonding system treatment (bracket system) 850.00 USD

Dental Surgery

Conservative dentistry 35.00 USD
Dental implantation (including implant price), surgical stage 187.50 USD
Dental implantation (double-stage, RADIX, Mis), one tooth 205.00 USD
Dental implantation (single-stage, RADIX, Mis), one tooth 115.00 USD
Root apex resection 32.50 USD
Tooth extraction 30.00 USD


Ultrasonic scaling, one tooth 2.60 USD

Dental X-Ray

Digital dental X-ray 1.90 USD
OPT 3.80 USD